Since 2004 The Blue Shoe Project has provided Blues music education programs to 300,000 students and the numbers continue to grow. In the early years Blue Shoe was involved in a wide variety of activities to spread awareness of the organization’s mission, such as live concerts, community outreach, eduction workshops and master’s classes. Our programs featured a broad range of arts from National Endowment for the Arts Heritage Fellowship recipients to the next generation of Blues music legends.

These programs have employed hundreds of artists and production personnel and as many volunteers, served 300,000 children, enriched the lives of 15,000 members of our local community and provided a platform for America’s Blues artists to pass their stories and their legacy on to the next generation.

The Blue Shoe Project has been covered extensively across all media from radio, television, online and print publications including Billboard Magazine, The Associated Press, The Washington Post, Fort Worth Star-Telegram and The Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth and D-Magazines, The Dallas Observer and the Fort Worth Weekly, and numerous international publications.